Vaccinations are critical to having a successful and enjoyable holiday. The following information will give you a guide as to why you need them and how to go about the process.

International Travel Vaccination Requirements – Why You Need Them

So where do you intend travelling on this epic journey that is about to commence? Do not make the mistake of turning up to the airport for your African safari holiday, without having your vaccinations and malaria tablets.

This is an essential aspect of every adventure holiday that can get overlooked. In fact a general health check-up is recommended before every overseas trip. Having yourself vaccinated against common diseases picked up overseas could save you a lot of heartache and money.

‘How would I get any of these diseases’ you may ask? Well maybe extremes of temperature or altitude. Limited access to clean water could be a major concern. Bathrooms having little or no hygiene facilities can be quite common. Contaminated food is a possibility. There are many other environmental hazards pertaining to each country. Some of the most spectacular areas can be the most dangerous.
Children can be an increased risk, so if you are travelling with young infants or toddlers, make sure they are fully up to date with their immunisations and have your local GP give them the required vaccinations if needed.

International Travel Vaccination Requirements mosquito

How To Get Vaccinated

When you do visit you GP, if they don’t have you full medical history, make them aware of any current medication you are taking and any medication you are allergic to.

You may need to contact the embassy of the country you are heading for; they can give you the correct advice regarding the vaccinations that country requires. In some circumstances, you may need this to enter the country.

I don’t mean to make this a scare campaign but here is a list of vaccinations to keep you safe. Typhoid, Hepatitis A & B, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Tuberculosis, Meningitis, Rabies & Cholera. You won’t need to vaccinate against all of these.

Helpful Resources

Here is a great resource for which vaccinations you will need for which country.

Another fantastic resource to help you is the Vaccination Hub

Vaccination Wrap

As you can see, there are so many diseases in so many countries these days that a little preparation will go a long way to making your adventure as enjoyable as possible. You may also want to visit our Insurance page; your holiday could turn disastrous without it. As you will have heard before, prevention is better than a cure!

You’ve probably already planned your trip, as vaccinations are more of an afterthought. You may want to have a quick read for your own peace of mind.


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